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Search among the contents of Telegram posts

Search among the contents of Telegram posts

From today filtering your searches also by Telegram public posts has become a possibility. By focusing searches only on contents, the users will be able to find information of their interest in a more accurate and immediate way – reaching the post containing them with a simple click.

This filter also brings significant benefits to content creators. Whatever is the category your channels falls under - business, information, entertainment, etc. - the indexing of the posts will allow users to easily find the information they’re searching for, leading them to that specific post of their channel with a simple click.

Consider that individual posts get greater visibility than channels and that thanks to this filter they will act as effective access points. Furthermore, each word of the published content becomes a keyword searchable by users – and therefore amplifies significantly the visibility of the channel itself.

To fully benefit the potential of this filter and be present in this type of search, the administrators of public channels only need to publish posts longer than 250 characters of text and to add @IndexPost_bot to their public channels.

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