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IndexPost update

A month ago we launched @IndexPost_bot, the bot in charge of indexing the posts published in the public channels in which it has been added. We have updated the bot not only by correcting some bugs, but also by adding some implementations that will allow an optimal management of Telegram’s new features.

This bot solves excellently one of the problems that disturb content creators the most: making their content reach the largest multitude of users not yet subscribed to their channels.

Automatically indexing posts means guarantee their presence in the search engine, consequently - since they will appear among the relevant results of a query - the number of clicks towards your channel will appreciably increase.

In other words, through this bot anyone will be able to find the public channels of interest not only by the limited descriptions associated with them, but by their own contents too, or - more precisely - they will be able to reach the desired information directly in the posts of the channels. who published it. This is undoubtedly a huge advantage, especially for information and commercial channels.

Added to its public channels, @IndexPost_bot only requires two things to function properly: text messages longer than 250 characters and permission to read them.

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