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More precise searches

More precise searches

Last week we introduced @IndexPost, the bot that allows you to index posts published on your public channels in real time.

Indexing your posts brings huge benefits since it makes them searchable for content. This means that if the posts are of a certain length and use a variety of terminology, the chances of them appearing in the search results of users querying Lyzem will considerably increase.

Today’s update, therefore, prepares the Lyzem Search user interface to take advantage of this functionality. We have added a new selector to the search bar that will make it possible to focus searches on posts only. This option will be activated shortly, as soon as the number of indexed posts and their variety will ensure an optimal user experience.

To activate @IndexPost in your public channels and thus start the automatic indexing process of published posts, simply add it among the administrators. We reiterate that this bot does not require particular permissions and that it indexes in real time all messages exceeding 250 characters of text from which emoji, carriage returns, sequences of double spaces, etc. are excluded.

We would like to point out that Lyzem Search does not censor the content it indexes from the Telegram IM platform.

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