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In the age of communication

In the age of communication

In the age of communication, it seems unbelievable that speaking openly, especially when contesting institutionalized truths, can cost you your life.

In the era of communication, ideas are not countered with other ideas and/or refutations - the aim is to destroy the credibility of the counterpart in order to annihilate the danger it represents. Divergence is less tolerated than heresy in the Middle Ages. Censorship holds back free expression at all levels and in all sectors.

In the era of communication it becomes difficult to disagree civilly by protecting oneself from retaliation against one’s own person or that of one’s family members. If once anonymity meant having something to hide, today it represents survival.

In the era of communication, man is more hungry for truth than for ready-made surrogates.

To publish one’s ideas, opinions and truths anonymously on the Internet, Telegraph, Telegram’s micro-blogging platform, is perhaps one of the few options available that can be used directly from a web browser.

Telegraph does not have an internal search engine, so once you get the URL of your post, you have the problem of how to share it. If you share it directly on social networks, you lose your anonymity.

To fix this issue we have added a special feature to Lyzem’s search bar. In fact, by inserting the post URL in it as if it were a normal search, it will be indexed and made available in the relevant results. It’s also possible to use Lyzem Directives to better describe the document with 15 keywords in order to improve its visibility.

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