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Two years with Lyzem

Two years with Lyzem

Happy birthday Lyzem.
Today we celebrate the second year of activity.

In this second year, in addition to enhancing Lyzem Search, we have introduced Resource Profile, a powerful free service that allows channels, groups and bots to present themselves to users in the best possible way. We have also launched two editions of Flash Visibility, 48 hours of free visibility to which over 5000 resources have subscribed.

About Flash Visibility, we are considering to propose it again soon. First, however, in order not to suffer the effects of negative karma, we must be forgiven for the bug that did not allow many users to take advantage of the 10 Days Free Christmas gift. We will propose it again renaming it 15 Day Free shortly.

Also, in this second year the Editor Post bot was activated, with which becomes easier to create fantastic posts with images, formatted text and equipped with buttons and counters. Of it, in the coming weeks a substantial update will be released, which will equip Editor Post with particularly interesting features for channels and groups. Stay tuned.

In this year Lyzem has grown a lot in popularity and use, far exceeding our expectations: we thank you one by one. We would also like to thank all those users who, with their tweets and posts, have talked about us recommending us to their followers.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

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