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One Week Special

One Week Special

The updates of this recent months have transformed Lyzem Search into a much more powerful and versatile tool, capable of effectively responding to many of the expectations of both content creators/managers and users.

On August 29, 2020, alongside the Resource Profile service, two new free business-oriented services will be added.

To celebrate the event, two useful gifts:

  • for 5 weeks, 5000 users per week will be able to benefit from 100 impressions per day for 7 days on Lyzem Search for free, to promote only one resource in their Lyzem account. This gift does not imply any purchase, neither immediate nor future.

  • One Week - When you want: a bundle of 20 divisible weeks, useful for promoting your own resource in your Lyzem account. It guarantees a daily average of 140 impressions (980 impressions per week).

However, to thank all users who have activated the Resource Profile service, Lyzem reserves them a more exclusive offer: One Week Special: 25 divisible weeks of visibility, each with a daily average of 160 impressions (1120 per week), useful for promoting any assets in your Lyzem account.

This enhanced offer can be activated at a very special price from 23 to 27 August 2020 directly from your dashboard.

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