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Affiliate Team Leader

Affiliate Team Leader

The Affiliate Team Leader (ATL) platform will be activated in the next few hours.

The platform was created with the specific aim of creating and fostering employment and entrepreneurial opportunities both locally and globally. Thanks to this platform, an incalculable number of users will be able to benefit greatly, as it will be easy and advantageous to disseminate, present and sell ideas, goods and services anywhere in the world.

In this first phase, the ATL platform will be open to residents of Russia, Brazil, India and Italy.

We want our affiliates to have a positive experience with Lyzem. In fact, we pay affiliates the corresponding advertising commission even on subsequent purchases that a customer completes and for which there has not been a new direct action from them. With the principle of customer capitalization, it will be more profitable for the affiliate to focus on promoting Lyzem Visibility services in a simple and natural way.

In addition, twice a year, each affiliate will receive a production bonus calculated on the basis of Lyzem Visibility services completed in the previous semester. We guarantee quick and punctual payments as well as an always available dialogue aimed at searching and effectively resolving any doubts and misunderstandings.

The positions of Affiliate Team Leader are limited in number and involve the establishment of your own team.

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