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ATL platform & new services

ATL platform & new services

On August 21st there will be two important news for Lyzem: both the Affiliate Team Leader (ATL) and some of the new features will be activated.

The latter, in particular, will permit to the users to interact with Lyzem Search in a more productive way. In a few minutes anyone will be able to start their own business, to offer content, goods and services without incurring the characteristic extra work and costs that the management of a website often imposes. Anyone can also take advantage of these services to generate traffic to their website or Telegram resource.

In fact, the new features will allow users to greatly expand the range of action in many fields and sectors, commercial and otherwise.

The ATL platform, on the other hand, plays a central role in promoting and supporting Lyzem services worldwide. In this first phase 30 residents in Russia and Brazil, 50 in India and 20 in Italy will be able to join and immediately start working with Lyzem. More countries will be added shortly.

Finally, we reiterate Lyzem’s total commitment of respecting the privacy and anonymity of our users. To effectively protect them and at the same time ensure the safety of users in accessing and managing their resources, as well as access to those who work with us, Lyzem has been compartmentalized into three watertight areas: Lyzem Search, Lyzem Services and Lyzem Works. In particular, anyone who uses Lyzem Search will remain totally anonymous even if logged into Lyzem Services or Lyzem Works.

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