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Ready for new features & services

Ready for new features & services

In the next few hours Lyzem will receive a first series of updates to prepare for the new features and services that will be activated gradually.

For this purpose, the user interface has been reorganized, the resource management section has been completely rewritten and access to support has been improved both during the login phase and within your account. Minor updates also affected the Lyzem48h channel and the new Editor Post. The function “suggest resource to Lyzem” has been definitively replaced by Resource Profile, a more performing service which allows to associate to the resource a greater quantity of useful information to make it found in the research phase.

By entering the URL of a resource in the search field, it’s possible to check whether it has already been indexed. If not, you will be advised to create the profile that, for channels and groups, will be online in about 20 minutes.

In the next few days, the Team Leader Affiliate platform mentioned in this post will be activated. Residents of Russia, India, Brazil and Italy should get ready.

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