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Business and work online

Business and work online

Allowing users to expand and enhance their business, especially online, untied from channels, groups or websites, is the primary aim of Lyzem functionality. In other words, even without these supports, anyone can easily start and manage their business, offer goods and services without complicating their life. Everything will be simple, lean and functional.

Another very important news is that Lyzem will start looking for different professional figures in different sectors. The platform for Affiliate Team Leaders, the managers who will manage the affiliate network worldwide, will be the forerunner of employment opportunities. They will be exclusively entrusted with the promotion of many Lyzem services.

Residents in Russia, India, Brazil, Italy, Chile and Singapore should prepare themself: we will almost certainly start from one of these states to offer work online.

The Team Leaders will also work closely with the team of the “Hacerlo Mejor” [literally “Do it better”] program which acts as a link with the developer teams. We want dynamic and responsible people who tell us how to improve Lyzem and its services.

Lastly Lyzem will adopt crypto currencies as a payment method. This may appear to be a poorly thought and a limiting choice, in reality it’s a prudent choice, a precious opportunity that will give positive impetus to many and in the most disparate sectors.

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