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Lyzem for your business

Lyzem for your business

There are many Telegram channels and groups that, while offering diversified goods and services of undisputed quality, are struggling to emerge. In other social networks, to resolve this inconvenience, they are forced to bear exorbitant costs, which are not always clear and defined a priori.

Also, there are many people who, using Telegram to offer/sell their most disparate services, are penalized by the fact of not being indexed, of not appearing among the search results. To outwit this problem and elegantly get out of the shadows, some have created “hook” channels which invite visitors to contact them privately. Yes, we have noticed these ingenious tricks! :) However, it seems like they’re not working very well…

The planned updates will equip Lyzem with specific functionalities capable of providing adequate answers to those who work and/or want to do business with Telegram both using tools such as channels, groups and bots, and as a private person. Anyone, thanks to these services, will be able to extend their range of action even outside Telegram.

In the next post we will deepen a first aspect of the new features and in particular the new platform being activated, which will particularly interest those who love online work.

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