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Welcome back Russia

Welcome back Russia

First of all we noticed the growing number of queries that suddenly came from Russia, then we learned the official news: the blocks to Telegram Messenger have been removed.

Tens of thousands of Russians during the last few days have consulted Lyzem looking for resources related to Covid-19, osint, work and earn online, bitcoin, discount coupons, proxi, Кремль (Kremlin), Рязань (Ryazan) and various news. The suggested channels and groups, probably created these days, have been a few hundred.

We would like to take this opportunity to anticipate that with the next Lyzem update, expected within ten days, the item “suggest Telegram/Telegraph resource” will be definitively replaced with Resource Profile, the powerful tool designed to effectively and professionally present its channels, groups and bots, greatly favouring the possibility of making them preferred among the relevant search results.

Welcome back Russia in Telegram, even if you really never left. Now we are confident that other States will follow your footsteps since it’s not only the Russian people who love Telegram, its privacy and seriousness, but also others, with full rights.

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