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Lyzem Visibility is online

Lyzem Visibility is online

This last update carries along different news.

The graphical interface of Lyzem Search has been slightly modified, some bugs have been corrected, new features have been added to @Lyzembot and LyzemSpiders have been improved. These will no longer take joinchat links into consideration; Lyzem Search had begun to no longer index them with the update a few days ago. Those already indexed will be progressively removed.

However, the most important novelty is the activation of Lyzem Visibility and in particular of Resource Profile, the free platform for the creation and management of the profiles of which we have widely talked about in previous posts.

The profiles can be consulted directly from the search results thanks to the P-shaped icon that precedes the name of the resource.

By clicking on the full P you can consult the profile and easily access the resource, while clicking on the outlined P you will be invited to create the profile. This operation is reserved for those who manage the resource.

Profiles are a very powerful and versatile solution: they allow a better and profitable communication towards the user. If shared on the web and in social media, it’s possible for the owner to know how many clicks they have received.

Lyzem Search readily indexes profiles. This means that the resources that adopt it increase the possibility of being found and be preferred by the users.

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