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05/21/2020 Lyzem Visibility will be online

05/21/2020 Lyzem Visibility will be online

On May 21, 2020 Lyzem Visibility, which we anticipated in previous posts, will be online.

In particular Resource Profile, the free platform for the promotion of Telegram resources through its shareable profiles, will be activated.

A clean and professional presentation gives to your channel, group and bot credibility and trust, important aspects to make it stand out.

You can share your profiles in the social media and keep track of how much clicks it has received.

Regardless of whether you manage a channel or a group for passion or for work, the profile will bestow in any case an invaluable added value, capable of bringing it a significant return not only in visibility.

If you have multiple resources, use the profile of each one to unravel them. In this way you will give your user more possibilities to notice them, get to know them and choose them.

Thanks to the profile, which will be readily indexed, your resource will also increase visibility in the pertinent Lyzem Search results.

Profiles have the natural ability to highlight the peculiarities of your channel/group by communicating them immediately without distractions.

A properly informed user is much more likely to subscribe to the channel/group or use your bot. Then use them to explain what it does, what your channel/group talks about and to detail the functionality of your bot.

Allow users to perceive your resources from the right perspective by providing them with the right motivations to prefer them.

Profiles are a powerful tool that you can adapt to your need to give them visibility, reliability and professionalism.

The Resource Profile platform is and will always be free.

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