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The importance of the profile for the resource

The importance of the profile for the resource

In previous posts we introduced the upcoming service, Lyzem Visibility, and talked about one of its two components: the Resource Profile platform.

In this post we will focus on the importance of providing each resource with its own profile. We do this on the assumption that anyone who creates a channel or public group has the goal of communicating something to a possibly growing audience.

Resources can be considered schematically as the meeting point between those who communicate and those to whom the communication is addressed. In order for the audience to be “possibly growing” it’s obvious that the resource must not be complicated to find, present appropriate reasons for being preferred and deliver convincing content over time.

Is evident how much important and indispensable is the profile with which the resource will be presented to its potential users. Equally evident will be where and when users will be more likely to search and consult resource profiles.

Lyzem Search will make them available in the search results marked with a special icon. Please note that the Resource Profile platform allows for free the creation and updating of profiles.

Profiles give resources an important added value: their content is promptly indexed thus increasing the information relating to the resource, which benefits it most likely to be found by those who consult Lyzem Search.

The owners of channels, groups and bots are invited to draw up the profiles, one for each of their resources, paying strict attention to the communication aspect which must be relevant, exhaustive, truthful and convincing.

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