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Resource Profile

Resource Profile

Resource Profile is the specific platform to manage the profiles of the Telegram resources.

The Profiles are a powerful tool to recommend efficiently your channels, groups and bots.

Presenting your resource properly can increase your chances of joining by 76%. People are more likely to subscribe to channels and groups or use bots if presented professionally.

A well-structured profile has the ability to increase considerably the growth of the channel/group or the use of a bot.

Communicate to the users the goals and purposes of the resource clearly and consistently is fundamental. The profile fulfil this essential task by providing the right motivation to prefer them.

Are also ideal to plan every kind of advertising campaign; in fact you can associate to every profile one or more univocal links that keep track of the clicks received.

Channels, groups and bots equipped with a profile increase significantly their visibility because Lyzem Search index them promptly and, through an appropriate icon, makes it easy to consult directly from the related search results.

Every resource can have one and only one profile.

The Profiles are public and represent without any doubt the successful solution to make known and grow the resource favouring their adhesion and retention.

The Resource Profile platform is totally free.

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