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Life today

Life today

It’s a incontrovertible fact the function that today Telegram channels and groups assume in our daily life.

A multitude of people wants to get information from channels that offer news and opinions from a different point of view compared to the one of the traditional newspapers and, above all, free from complaints and partisan adjustments.

In this last months, thousands of users have carried out targeted research to find channels and groups that inform and update about the peaceful protest in Hong Kong, the one that has been carried out by the gilets jaunes in France, on the populations of Syria and Iran and what has not been said about the coronavirus. Other research ranges from finance to politics, from technology to medicine, from philosophy to religion, from shopping to leisure, from training to all-round opinions. This shows how much the user is interested in deepening and comparing himself with other people on different topics, acquiring points of view no longer and not only from official sources.

Telegram has also taken on another important value: many have noticed what this platform can offer in terms of business. The possibility of being contacted via Telegram also appears in the business cards. An added value to the same globalization.

It happens in a large city in the USA and in a town in South India that the taxi is booked via chat. In other areas, always via Telegram, it’s already quite usual to order pizza, book a restaurant or an hotel.

The channels that offer trips and stays at really interesting prices are increasing and unrelated to the big companies in the sector; those for tax, legal, real estate and financial consultancy and assistance services; of entertainment, culture and curiosity.

There are those who even offer psychoanalytic sessions in video chat. There are two channels: one in Italian, the other in German.

Many public institutions switched to Telegram to provide those information services that are struggling to take off on other platforms.

Telegram takes on more and more connotations from social networks without getting entangled in those negative aspects that characterize them: privacy is sacred and is not sold.

Today Telegram has more than 300 million users and the excuse “I can’t find anyone on Telegram” is no longer valid. More and more people recognize Telegram as a fast, reliable and secure platform. An increasing number of users will join Telegram to use it both as a user and as a supplier/creator of goods, services and content.

Lyzem, in all this, will continue its mission: to index and give visibility to all Telegram/Telegraph resources.

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