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One Year Of Lyzem

One Year Of Lyzem

Today Lyzem celebrates its first year of activity. Exactly on January 3, 2019 the project of the search engine specific for Telegram and Telegraph was launched.

In this year hundreds of channels and groups have benefited from it in terms of visibility.

A growing number of users has questioned Lyzem to find channels and groups that concerned specific topic, to find goods and services as online courses, discount codes, equipment, consumer electronics, travel and to explore new occupational and professional possibilities.

At the same time a growing number of people consulted it to find news and information from channels and groups residing in countries where freedom of speech is severely restricted, hindered, distracted or diminished; news and information that are unlikely to be reported in depth, on a continuous basis or with real-time updates in traditional media.

We’re happy of the results obtained; we’ll work hard to improve them and to create new services in order to offer always the best one.

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