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We index, but not the users

We index, but not the users

In addition to the normal researches, in the last few months we noticed a progressive rise of two type of tendencies from the Lyzem Search users. The first tendency is about searches related to nicknames, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and names of Telegram users, while the second is the attempt to query the search engine by providing a link to a resource.

Regarding the first tendency, it’s nice to see that more and more people are paying attention to their online privacy. In this regard, we reiterate that Lyzem, for its own policy, does not track users in any way and that index only channels, groups, Telegram bots and Telegraph pages. More precisely, Lyzem excludes a priori any account (user); instead, as far as Telegraph is concerned, it makes available any information that has been indexed so far.

About the searches starting from the web address of the Telegram resource, the team in charge of analyzing the researches wondered what was the purpose of the attempt when the user already knows the address of the resource; perhaps the user wants to suggest this link to Lyzem Search? For this purpose, we remind you that the only way to suggest a Telegram/Telegraph resource to Lyzem is to use the appropriate bot (@Lyzembot), or the Lyzem web page.

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