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Lyzembot update

Lyzembot update

@Lyzembot, the bot that allows you to comfortably query Lyzem Search by offering a more accurate and efficient user experience, is updated. @Lyzembot has now two preimposted commands: “/start” and “/help”. Acting on the first command will be displayed the buttons: “Search on Lyzem” and “Suggest resources to Lyzem”.

“Search on Lyzem” refers to the search mask of Lyzem. Now, identify the resource of your interest will be more immediate thanks to the icons relating groups, channels, bot and Telegraph pages.

Who owns a resource that hasn’t been indexed yet, can send its link to Lyzem through the button “Suggest resources to Lyzem” in order to be rapidly indexed. The same procedure can also be used in order to communicate important updates about the resources. With variable frequency those information will be updated by LyzemSpiders in any case.

Whatsoever text is send without the usage of those two buttons, Lyzem will try to comprehend if the text is a Telegram/Telegraph resource or a research, and will display the appropriate button to finish the procedure.

With the command “/help” will be displayed the bot usage guide.

Good researches!

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