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Promotion tools for Telegram and Telegraph resources

Promotion tools for Telegram and Telegraph resources

To bring a channel or group to success requires dedication, commitment and perseverance. If sometimes the expectations are travelling with a little delay, surrender is equivalent to boycott it sanctioning the failure.

Before giving up on your project try to see what Lyzem can do for you.

The main purpose of Lyzem is to index Telegram and Telegraph resources in order to make them available to the end user.

To meet the channel and group administrators needs, bot programmers and Telegraph page producers, Lyzem provides some tools that increase the chance of visibility.

The first tool is @Lyzembot that, besides allowing searches, allows to send to Lyzem Search the link of the Telegram and Telegraph resources so as to reduce indexing times compared to the normal times used by LyzemSpiders.

The second tool offered is the Lyzem Directives that allows an accurate indexing of the Telegraph pages.

Visibility can reach its maximum expression by associating to each channel and group a dedicated support Telegraph page in which detail objectives, scope, regulation and, in the case of bots, the functions, use cases and instructions for use. Then forward the Telegram resource link and Telegraph page link to Lyzem via @Lyzembot.

The SEO solution of these two tools allows, in the face of relevant keywords, to soar in the search results offered by Lyzem.

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