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First 100 days of Lyzem

First 100 days of Lyzem

Today for Lyzem is a special day, for all intents and purposes is a first assessment: between analysis and future plans, the search engine for Telegram and Telegraph celebrates its first 100 days of service.

About 6200 users from all around the world have questioned both inline, thanks to @Lyzembot, and from browser (, in order to discover new channels, groups and Telegraph contents.

Lyzem has satisfied just over 381K searches in these 100 days.

The channels and groups suggested by users, for a faster indexing compared to LyzemSpiders, amount to 1604 of which 31% are Russian-speaking and about 29% of Parsi language.

273 users made use of the @mLyzembot bot for encrypted audio/video meetings, simplifying access to Meet JitSi from the Telegram platform: 53% Spanish, 41% Italian, 6% other languages.

Since 1st febbruary is open under test @Lyzem48h, an experimental channel for the promotion of channels, groups, bot and Telegraph pages that have already been indexed by Lyzem. Every 6 hours are published 6 resources that will stay freely visible for 48 hours, offering to users a global experience that can be hardly be repleace with a simple request on a web engine.

Right now the only requisite needed to appear on the channel is the profile picture, but later will be requested also a description.

The first of may is planned the complete functioning of Lyzem48h.

From today Lyzem leaves beta stage.

Different bugs have been corrected, the indexing of the LyzemSpiders increased, the presentation on the browser significantly improved and the research extended also to bots.

Now is more easy and immediate to suggest your own resources to Lyzem: you only need to submit a link to @Lyzembot in order to see it in the pertinent results of the reasearch quickly.

A nice feature is that leaving the search field empty, Lyzem will provide three random resources respecting the filters set by the user.

The Lyzem team would like to thank all the users who made these results possible in just 100 days with their word of mouth.

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