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Lyzem Easy Meetings

Lyzem Easy Meetings

Lyzem Easy Meeting simplify the interactions with your family, friends and collegues.

All you have to do is type @mLyzembot in the desired chat and click on “Start a new meeting” to start a safe, anonymous and crypted audio/video session.

Use this service to comunicate with your family and keep in touch with friends and colleagues.

The convenience of video meeting are undeniable. They overcome e-mails and instant messages limits and avoid transfers.

For example, you can use it for consultations, conferences, detail and sale goods and services, lessions and tutoring, coordinate the team and so on. Your fantasy will suggests you further area of application of this efficient, safe and simple service.

Once you’ve structured properly a video meeting, you can rapidly manage any type of project, organize events or instruct colleagues and customer without stress, costs and timing that characterise physical movements, included dowtime caused by differents delay.

This means a higher productivity, a better quality of life, therefore more time to dedicate to ourselves, to our family, hobby and passions.

Lyzem Easy Meeting permits you a simple, fast and practical way to access to your meetings!

The semplicity in 3 steps

Step 1: agree with your friends in order to start with them a audio/video session.

Step 2: type @mLyzembot and click on “Start a new meeting”.

Step 3: click on the button “Join!” to access to the meeting.

You can also share the same button (link) on other chat, or communicate it through e-mail, SMS, social networks, etc. to other friends.

The audio/video calls are based on the service multi-platform open source and cryptated of Install the application Jitsi Meet optimized for mobile dispositive Android and iOS, and once that the request of access has been generated by Lyzem Easy Meeting select the JitSi application and join the meeting. From computers is enough to open the link with Firefox, Chrome or other browser that support this service. Remember to enable the sharing of microphone and webcam in order to be heard and to see the other participants.

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